Day 4 - 5

tried to read Spanish words ! it was funny :)

On the 4th day, every student create a short story as one page to will be a gag comics, it was crazy exercise.

On 5th day we made a sculptures for the character that we created in the first days, it was exciting day for me,

because It's rare for me to do sculpture for the character who I made it :)

Vencint collecting the tools :) thanks my pro .

Finally my certificate :)

It was nice course and nice group.

Thank you my pro Vencint for supporting me

Thanks British council for all :)


Looks like loads of fun!
You've just inspired me to look for one!
Salam said…
شكرا يا سارة :]
انا شفت البلوغ تبعك وحبيت كتير افكارك والخربشات :]
بس بدي اسألك كيف مرقتي على البلوغ تبعي ؟
I always go fish for Arab illustrators' blogs..
Salam said…
:)thanks for the chance ....