Charcter design short course in CENTRAL CAINT MARTINS - LONDON.

After I got a grant from British Council in Syria to visit London for 7 days to see the art life there, and for get an inspiration.

I spent those days to be in Central Saint Martians College of Arts to attend a short course (Character Design for Animation).

I spent the 5 great days with VINCENT WOODCOCK who was our teacher for the course.

VINCENT had been working in Walt Disney Company for 2 years and half, he worked in two movies, so he have a good experience in this field.

Day 1 - 2 - 3

At first, I meet my good friend Joe, he pecked me up from the airport,
and he show me how can I moving in London.
Because, it was first time for me to be in London.
Thanks Joe.

But, also Joe used the map in the street to leading me to some where!!! (It's LONDON)


On the first day in the course we learned in theory how to create the character and what the elements of that make your character to be more convenient for the viewers.

Launch and smoking time.

VINCENT show us some of his work in comic, and what the technique that he used it to do comic story.

On 3th day we went to the cartoon museum